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SIROCCO Inflatable

RIB Fiberglass Hull

The deep V fiberglass hull offers excellent comfort and stability, optimizes performance and is scratch resistant and maintenance free. The hull and tubes are fully molded and welded as one piece, which makes for a rib with unrivalled strength.


The Sirocco Air Hull is the only inflatable in Australia with the innovative, high pressure, inflatable V hull. The Air Hull gives you the performance of the fiberglass hull and the light weight and portability of the traditional inflatable boat. These, combined with the flat end cones, make for a boat that planes quicker than a traditional inflatable boat.


The Sirocco Roll Up is compact, lightweight and economical. The lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability, both on off water, and its wooden slatted floor provides excellent stability. Combine this with its flat end cone design, multiple buoyancy chambers and heavy duty transom and you have the perfect pack away boat.

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